Mobilní aplikace
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What car insurance should you choose?

You have 2 options: Only mandatory liability insurance, which every vehicle must have by law, or a combination of comprehensive and mandatory liability insurance, which also protects your health and your property.

Mandatory liability insurance

It is mandatory by law for most vehicles and pays damages you cause to other drivers and their passengers on health and property up to the agreed limit.


  • When you collide with someone while driving
  • When you injure someone
  • Assistance in case of accident in the Czech Republic and abroad

You pay:

  • Repairs to your vehicle
  • Treatment for your injuries
Also protect your car

Accident insurance

It also pays for damage to your vehicle and the health of you and your passengers. Often includes additional protection - such as theft, vandalism, and broken glass insurance...


  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Damage to your health
  • Assistance in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Damage from animals
  • Damage from natural disasters
  • Auto glass insurance
  • Loaner vehicle coverage
  • Coverage for baggage
  • Replacement at purchase price