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Here you will find all my articles and guides in one place, divided by topic - from travel to mortgages. Couldn't find the answer to your question anywhere? Write to me and my colleagues.

Frenkee's Tips and Advice Frenkee's Tips and Advice

It's us behind Frenkee

Frenkee is not just another boring comparator where you have to enter your phone and email just to see an offer. Our aim is not to get you into an endless loop of annoying phone calls. We do it differently. We give advice, tips and fair deals only when you decide it's appropriate. More about Frenkee...

We have all the mandatory CNB exams.

Through Frenkee, we give you verified experience.

Although we are an online portal, we are personally available to you.

  • It's us behind Frenkee
  • It's us behind Frenkee


  • It's us behind Frenkee


  • It's us behind Frenkee


  • It's us behind Frenkee


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