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The app watches contracts and better conditions for you

-2800 CZK

For example, on car insurance, Frenkee saved an average of 2800 CZK per contract.


Frenkee reduced mortgage rates by an average of 0.3% per contract.

well yeah but...

Not sure where your contracts are? Frenkee will find out and upload them to the app for you.

“Smart app” - Karel B.
Frenkee aplikace

How does Safe work?

Finds, watches over, and calculates for you

6 features

which will work for you


Digitization - No More Papers

Simply upload the contract to the Frenkee app as a PDF or take a photo with your phone. We will automatically process all contracts into digital form and securely store them in one place. You will always have them with you.


You Won’t Forget Anniversaries Anymore

The app will always notify you of upcoming anniversaries and find a better and cheaper solutio on its own. If you decide to take advantage of the offers, it will terminate your current contract and prepare a new one for you.

6 features
6 features

Guarantee of a Better Offer

The app searches 24/7 for better offers on the market. No more price hikes from insurance companies or increased rates from banks.


Contract Control

Not sure what you are paying for in the contract? Unsure if a cunning advisor has taken advantage of you? Get your contract checked. Based on the results, you can decide what to do with the contract.


Settlement of Insurance Claims

Did you suffer some damage? Simply resolve it in the app.


The App Works for You

Set the functions you want to use according to your preference. The app will do only what you want. No more pushy advisors and annoying call centers.

6 features

What do you say about Frenkee?

The Frenkee app has received 5.0 stars from you on Google Play and the App Store. Thank you!

Google Reviews
I always work for your benefit
Radek Hudák 5 months ago
I always work for your benefit

With Frenkeem I dealt with a mortgage and some insurance. Always great and fast action. Practically everything done in a good online, so for me ideal.

I always work for your benefit
Jan Kubíček 8 months ago
I always work for your benefit

With Frenkee I dealt with a mortgage already 2x and I am very satisfied. Personal approach, flexibility, fast communication and professionalism of advisors. I recommend to everyone who is looking for advice in financial services.

I always work for your benefit
Jakub Vrzák 7 months ago
I always work for your benefit

I used the services of the company Frenkee when my bank suddenly refused to finance my project and I needed to solve it quickly. Professional service pleasantly surprised me and I definitely recommend the services of Frenkee to everyone!

I always work for your benefit
Radek M. 1 year ago
I always work for your benefit

I used the financial advice of the company Frenkee to obtain the basis for my bachelor thesis. They made my work much easier and without the need to call individual banks, they sent me offers from selected mortgage banks. The overviews are prepared clearly and simply and at the same time contain all the important information and individual calculations. They will help you with everything and explain it to you. The bonus is then only a fast response. :)

I always work for your benefit
Lukáš Krist 11 months ago
I always work for your benefit

Perfect service. From compulsory liability to the most advantageous mortgage. Everything in one place and online. And when you need to contact, they will take care of you perfectly. My own experience. Gradually, under Frenkeeho, I am moving all my insurance, I have a mortgage with them and I am really fully satisfied. Thanks Frenkee and especially Veronika and Jirka.

I always work for your benefit
S. F. 5 months ago
I always work for your benefit

Great approach, perfect communication, high knowledge and professionalism.